On this 5000 Members celebration days,

On this 5000 Members celebration days, let’s also have a think for

Laserweb community >3000 members
Cohesion 3D community with near 1000 members

Both have been pro active to make our Hobby more enjoyable !


Special thanks to +Don Kleinschnitz, for his amazing work http://donsthings.blogspot.fr/

Special thanks to @Arthur_Wolf , +Peter van der Walt, @Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty , @funinthefalls , and many others (sorry to not be able to name you all) to have made this great community.

Thanks for the mention, more to come now that I am back from vacation.
Thanks also to those who have donated $$ so that I can fund the research work!

I would also add thanks to the LightBurn team for such an easy to use software product.

and … the K40 Whisperer for the first stock compatible software.

This is a fun, productive and knowledgeable community!

It has been an amazing ride, I have gone from a total newbie who was having trouble with his K40, to someone that can answer most any question. Like @donkjr , I would like to thank all those who donate $ for research and development, as well as all the members who have contributed to the knowledge base. A few years ago the K40 was a really poor way to enter the hobby, and now the much maligned K40 can now hang with machines 10-20 times it price with a little time and money in upgrades. Kudos to @StephaneBUISSON for starting this G+ group!