OMG! Look at these test results. It should not be called Experimental feature anymore.

OMG! Look at these test results. It should not be called Experimental feature anymore.

+Peter van der Walt@NathanielStenzel

Edit: Below are the settings.

; GCODE generated by Laserweb
; Firmware: Marlin 1.0.0
; Laser Min: 7%
; Laser Max: 18%
; Black Speed: 600mm/min
; White Speed: 2040mm/min
; Laser Spot Size: 0.19mm
; Laser Feedrate: 2000mm/min

Gcode file :


WOW! What a Beauty! (Pun Intended)

What are you using for a controller board?
And is this using LaserWeb?

Ramps1.4 w/ Arduino Mega + Marlin. Raseter codes generated by LasweWeb. Run though SD Card. Still issues running larger codes over USB, may be its slower control board, but SD Card works great!

Nice work…you’re getting better at this man…that looks great!

Yeah, running code over USB has always been slower than running from SD Card. This goes for 3D Printers also.

Wow. +Peter van der Walt​ you are some kind of magician.

@Scott_Thorne Thanks buddy. You know I printed this last night and I got bit busy after I started printing, and about half way I took quick look at it and My Mind = Blown!

@Sean_Cherven Actually Its like some kind of sync issues. USB probably talking too fast to Ramps and its buffer it getting full and then it does all weird spyderweb thing on top of your actual print / Cut :frowning:

Oh I see… I know with 3D Printers, the buffer runs out and the USB Serial data can’t keep up

+Peter van der Walt What Pixel / Dot size to keep the raster same as original picture? What dpi should be the original Pic?
I uploaded 6x8" 300 dpi pic for rastering and its taking loooooooong to create the codes. I guess next time I should go with 72dpi.

@ChiRag_Chaudhari What material is that?

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty its 1/8" plywood from menards

thanks @ChiRag_Chaudhari .One more favor. could you send me the gcode?

Could you make the gcode public? I’d like to give it a shot once I upgrade my K40

@Sean_Cherven +Ariel Yahni Oh ha sure man. I will post a link tomorrow once I get to the shop.

Yeah guys, here is the Original Picture we are all messing with.

Just load it in LW and play with the settings.

+Peter van der Walt does settings should be on the wiki. All succesfull or good raster by material, firmware, etc

+Peter van der Walt Ill take care of that once @ChiRag_Chaudhari confirm the settings

@ChiRag_Chaudhari …I’m going to run a copy of that pic on mine today and see how it turns out…I stumbled across a new setting that I wanna check out.