Okay, got the "floating head" mounted and wired in,

Okay, got the “floating head” mounted and wired in, next the code in Sheet-Cam to get the machine to auto zero on every pierce.

Unfortunately while cutting out the star for the front of my kids suprise “Captain America” shield there was a crack from inside the PC box (sounded like a capacitor leaving the building) and the monitor stopped working. Annoyed much? these things are sent to try us.

I’ll get into the gubbins of the machine tomorrow to sort out that problem and then get on with the auto-zero.

PC power supply was to blame and it has now been replaced. The machine is up and running again now and the floating head is registering correctly in Mach3. All I have to do now is work out how the hell to get the code working to auto-zero the Z-axis at every pierce.