Ok that does it ..

Ok that does it … now it’s not about lying about the abilities of your Printer anymore. They are insulting Nerds all over the world by comparing their Cube with a real Replicator from StarTrek


Yeah sure Scott Harmon, Cube is a lot like the ZPrinter TM 650 … I appreciate your big printers but i won’t let you get away with that comparison.

“Harmon: The machine we use to print the Star Trek figures is the ZPrinter TM 650. And, yes, they will be able to buy the products we make with the printer, not this particular printer itself.”

“But it is worth noting that we sell a slightly different technology called, Plastic Jet Printer, PJP, in a home version called the Cube. Star Trek fans could think of that as sort of a home version of a first-generation replicator.”

Sorry, pissed of.

Funny, but your reaction pretty much was my reaction when reading that article as well : “bullshit PR, bullshit PR” , this kind of thing just pissed me off to no end

My Problem is - i am normally not a negative Person and i can live with bad PR (equals Marketing in 99%) but i hate that they are playing in MY pool AND telling everyone that they have a much nicer pool, which also has nicer water. Ok bad analogy, i know. Good Community Management/being a Gentleman, acknowledges the good work of others. Like all of you folks here accept each other, even if you work for different Printer Producers

I understand what you mean and I respect it, but to be frank , I have no problem being negative from time to time :slight_smile:
Some things are just bad/stupid/insulting/whatever , and the fact is, that they needs to be said : no sugar coating, no tolerance for the sake of it.

I am just fed up of lies lies, smiley faces , and corporations selling us their magic pills/ devices/foods/pick your poison, with blatant disregard for the facts…
oh well , as you say, PR will be PR will be marketing etc

Plastic Jet? What is this wondrous new technology? ಠ_ಠ

Meet the new tech, same as the old tec,
Sounds like the same FDM we all use since day one.

I’m hoping that some people will buy the Cube uninformed, get burned about the quality and filament price and start posting about how Cubify ripped them off when they find out about OSHW printers.

Oh look at the Price! And the Lies: “largest print volume” - obviously they hadn’t heard about the Protos 400, which has 15x15x13.5 inch Build Volume and multiple Extruders too - WITHOUT the damn Cartridges.

Are they really not even telling the length of weight of material they sell for that rediculus price?

It’s 320g per cartridge.

Which is ridiculous for 50 bucks.

bwahahahahahahahahahahaha …

@Thomas_Sanladerer it’s not $50…it’s $85 plus shipping and taxes.
I’d expect that for 5-10 Kg.

ok, don’t get to fancy - 5 kg are not $ 85 at least at places i looked, but yes, you’re right - way to expensive

I got some filament for 16.15USD/KG including shipping from China to Germany. (in 21Kg spools, black)

You won

Okay, looks like we got this one confused: Cube cartridges are indeed 52$ per cartridge (with an undisclosed amount of filament) for the cartridge only compatible with the Cube.
The cartridges for the CubeX (again, with an undisclosed amount of filament) are 85$ a piece. These are also only compatible with the CubeX.
I picked up the “320g” info somewhere and i think it referred to cartridges for the original cube.