OK, so now I've really gone and done it.

OK, so now I’ve really gone and done it.

In the process of trying to get Chillipeppr/TinyG to properly understand the turning profile post processed gcode output from Fusion 360 CAM, I decided to upgrade my firmware to the 440.20 firmware. This may have been a mistake.

The reason is because I have a V6 board that Riley had a devil of a time putting a bootloader on and updating about year and a half ago (for reasons that are beyond me) . What I’m experiencing now MAY be the result of this firmware upgrade, but may have just completely wiped my Sherline specific configuration settings in the process also. I’ve changed computers since getting the TinyG up and running way back when and I’m not sure I’ll be able to find the configuration files.

So… If anyone knows of firmware incompatibility issues with the 440.20 firmware and a V6 board (yes, I applied the $hv=6 setting), I’d love to hear more. Or if anyone has a configuration files they’d like to share for a Sherline with their standard Nema 23 motors, I’d be very grateful for that also/instead.

Thanks for reading!

Upgrading does wipe your config. So you likely just need to re-apply config. It’s a bummer if you don’t have it backed up… But shouldn’t take to long to reset the proper variables.

@Eclsnowman Yeah, IF I knew the variables. I bought it (the TinyG and the CNC-ready Sherline) from a friend who had already configured it, so I never had to do that initially. I’ll dig around and see what I can find by ways of pointers.

Scratch that, I found an old config file. All is not lost!