Ok so I'm putting a list of things I will want to get in

Ok so I’m putting a list of things I will want to get in the, hopefully sooner than later, future and realized that I’ve become a @Printrbot fanboy. Darn it @Brook_Drumm and the awesomeness you guys do over there!

  1. Get the official metal simple heatbed.
  2. Get my hands on that CNC printrbot is making.
  3. Get the printrbot screen accessory for my out and about 3d printing presentations.
  4. Get at least 5 makers simples for my students to build, customize and show off.
  5. Use said printers to teach my students how to change the world.

All you guys need to do is find a way to build a financially accessible laser engraver/cutter and I’ll be set.

slowly thinking i want a simple… I dont know if my I3 will be finished before i bight the bullet and buy one.

Though building my own was a great experience and sourcing everything rather than going with a kit taught me a lot I still wish I went with a +printrbot kit from the get go. I learned the same if not more from building it and would have saved myself a boat load of frustration. My i2 was built with the highest quality parts I could find and I found that it was down more than up and cost me more money over time with having to constantly fix it.

same, I’m still fixing/repairing and upgrading the damned thing. I’m trying to decide if i want to finish out this I3 or save money and grab a metal.

being a collage student with a 2 year old dries up my cash flow so its hard to drop 500$.

Totally understand. I have two of my own and just finished grad school. You will not be sorry if/when you do get one. I know that prusa can get a pretty penny on eBay though. especially if it is already put together.

Ya… I might sell it. Don’t know though It’s hard for me to let go of projects. Or hardware I may need further down the line.

Just recently had my car broken into so I lost a lot of my equipment and tools. So trying to build the supply back up is a pain.