Ok, last video today I swear guys.

Ok, last video today I swear guys.

I, of course, put the thing straight to work.

Next front gantry at 250 .6 DoC…, wish me luck :slight_smile:


Oh, and this does not include a finishing pass.

Very nice finish on the edges

Very nice. Is this 2000watt head?

Nah its a .8kW spindle.

Just did 220 x .6

Bout to run 250 x .7, break that boundry with a beautiful cut… its there.

20 hours of consecutive testing begins now.

I heard cutting aluminum using fast feedrate with a double spiral carbide end mill is the way to go one like this http://toolinghouse.com/ESC1015U.aspx
What I saw was at 20,000 rpm 0.80 (1/16in) pass depth, at 100 in/min (1.6 in/sec) using the 1/4" double spiral carbide bit was beautiful parts. He said the faster the better cut finishes. Also most people run alum way slower than they think they should. They also use a very light cutting oil via a mister (oil here http://www.docs.citgo.com/msds_pi/639401001.pdf). Oil mister here http://www.tricocorp.com/product/md-1200-micro-drop/

The said the best info they found for figuring feeds rates is here.

And here