Ok, I may be doing things wrong,

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I may be doing things wrong, but my FABkit is not calibrating position based on the end (min/max) switches (G28 in CNC mode is supposed to move to the defined home, not move until it hits the end switch), and manual jogging ignores the end (min/max) switches.

(Using LW4)

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Check manual end switch status with M119, press manual one by one and type M119 to check them all.

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I just uploaded the latest CNC version of the smoothie, and that fixed X and Y homing, but not Z and , strongly suspect end-switch problem for Z…

Thanks for the command

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First row without pressing anything, second y min is active, check them al this way if they are on the right pin. Check config as well, i had to change home y to other side
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Home z is in max direction 2 switches, did you place both in series?

(Cesco Aiel) #6

1.29 remains high… GTG check the wiring on the Zmax…

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