OK here is hopefully a quick easy question.

(Evan Bruno) #1

OK here is hopefully a quick easy question. How would you set a single pixel to a crgb color, say red. Then have it fade to a second set crgb color. And then to a third set crgb color before returning back to the first (red) color? Like I said, I need to control the pixels in my array individually, as they are not in a strip. See image. Thanks for your time.

(Evan Bruno) #2

My array consists of 15 of these modules that will be installed around my deck under the railings. The “ghost” leds as I call them are just to add brightness. I didn’t want the strip light look on my deck so I chose to try this.

(Marc Miller) #3

What have you tried so far?

How are your “ghost LEDs” wired up with that top row? Do you have a picture of the back?

(Evan Bruno) #4

Basically, I have tried some nscale8 options, but I can only get them to instantly fade a percentage set. I can get them to continue past the first fade, I just can’t find any examples of how to fade a color into another color smoothly. Blinking is easy… The ghost leds are wired in parallel to the other leds. They will not be addressable individually per say. They will show the exact color as the bottom corresponding led. When I get home I will take a pic.