Ok, can somebody tell me how to connect these things?? No 1.

Ok, can somebody tell me how to connect these things??

No 1. What is the correct way to connect the battery to the charger?
No 2. There are three cables on the motor and they all look the same, how do I know which one goes where on the ESC?


  1. you need to connect both the main battery plug and the balance plug to the charger to be able to charge at a higher amperage.

  2. the wires don’t really matter, plug them in and if the motor spins backwards then swap two of them around. It should spin the proper way then.

Thanks @Craig_Blanchette ! from the esc there are only the cable, no conectors, how are these supposed to be connected to the battery? Since this is sold as a combo it seems wweird if i am supposed to by some extra connectors?

Most people use bullet connectors but you could solder them together. It’s weird that you bought a package that still needs plugs.

The problem with connectors is there are so many options out there. I originally used power poles, switched to T connectors, and now it’s xd60s and bullet connectors. The best solution is to have a small supply of assorted connectors from hobby king so you don’t get caught, and and can make adaptors or swap ends if need be…

I’m using only 4mm bullet connectors, with the motor soldered to the ESC. They are dirt cheap and can take enough current for my applications.

On a side note, that kind of charger will refuse to charge a multi-cell battery when the balance plug is not connected, which is a really nice feature. Never charge a lithium battery without a balancer as the charger will have no way of identifying specific battery faults that might end up creating a nice bonfire (except 1S, of course).

@Thomas_Sanladerer & @Craig_Blanchette thanks for the comments, i will try to fix that tomorrow. Putting together truggy no2 now! :slight_smile:

Ok, first i need to get my printer up and running again and then i will fix this!

Everything connected and seem to be working. Anything i need to think about with this LiPO battery before starting to use it?