Offline GRLB1.1 Version

This is just more of an FYI. I am currently working on a custom version of the Grbl1.1 version of chilipeppr and it will also be offline (or at least, mostly).

It is forked from all the great work from others John Lauer, jpadie, and xpix to name a few.

Here: GitHub - jimmieclark3/chilipeppr.local: Solution for an offline chilipeppr that can run local on your machine (Windows/Linux)

Great work guys.

For me, I had some quirks and issues I needed sorted. So doing this here, but feel free to use it all as you see fit. Keep in mind, some settings will be very custom to my machine/tools etc.

Happy Making All!!! and thanks guys, this solution turned my $300 cnc into a machine that can cut nearly as good as a wegstr > $3000 machine. Can’t thank you enough for all this awesome hard work.