Nylon printed onto tufnol at room temperature.

Nylon printed onto tufnol at room temperature.

The bottom half of the jewellery box needed a brim but the top was fine. Probably because the bottom has a thicker base so the “top” solid layer has more of an advantage to pulling the edges up as it shrinks. I think this is as good as ABS on Kapton at 110C.

My J-head MkIVB seems to be coping fine at 245C.

How strong is the nylon compared to abs?

@Jeremy_G_WeisTek_Eng MENTAL!

You can’t pull them apart, if you attack it with a screwdriver you can start to dent it. A really sharp knife will just about cut it with a lot of force.

You do need 245C though, I tried 235 and while it prints OK, you can peel the layers apart.

@Bracken_Dawson at 235, you can still get good layer adhesion with <25% of nozzle diam; so if you’re running a 0.5mm noz, you can do a 0.125 layer height and bonding should be good still.

How’s getting it off the print bed? I was wanting to make some nylon replacements for the high stress parts of my printer. I can get my hot end damn near 300c almost no problem. It might melt down but it can get there.

Quite easy, you can take the tufnol sheet off the printer and bend it to help peel the part off.

Quick question. I have issues with larger prints warping at the back end, I have a heat controlled enclosure but sometimes it fails to let the part cool evenly, how do I get a structure on the first layer like your print? Would I set the skirt to 0mm away from the object and tell it to do a few passes? Would that work?

Slic3r has a feature called brim set it to the width of the brim you want; if you’re using skeinforge still, then yes, you set the skirt 0mm away, and make it a very wide skirt.

Ok using slicer ill have to try that when I print the extruder body, it always seems to want to warp.

@Jeremy_G_WeisTek_Eng If you’re having problems with the print coming away from the build surface (peeling I think it’s sometimes referred to). Have you tried diluted PVA glue solution applied to the bed? Since I’ve started doing this, no more peeling. New problem is getting the print off the bed but a sharp spatula under an edge does the trick.

Ya I use a thin solution of abs juice. Doesn’t happen a lot now just every so often, now that I got the enclosure built.