Not perfect, but I am happy with it. 9"x12"x1" laminated Oak.

(Jack Daugherty) #1

Not perfect, but I am happy with it. 9"x12"x1" laminated Oak. Vectric Cut3D and V-Carve. Vectors are laser engraved. Tung oil finish.

(Mark Leino) #2

Looking great, keep posting your work. Great inspiration!

(Mark Leino) #3

That is amazing work

(Jack Daugherty) #4

@Mark_Leino Thanks Mark. The camera really has a way of bringing out every flaw in things. This is seriously one of my personal favorites so far. I got the roughing pass done on another book, just need to decide what I want to do with it now.

(Jack Daugherty) #5

This one turned out a bit better. Started another project only to find that my laser quit working now. Not sure if this part of my life is meant to be a test of some sorts, but I hope the fact that I haven’t smashed everything to pieces with a ball bat means I am passing!


(Kelly Burns) #6

Looks great. Not sure what design program you use, but look at the “envelope” function to shape the text to the shape of the page of book.

(Jack Daugherty) #7

I have a 10 year old version of vcarve pro. Version 6.5, lol. I didn’t notice that function, but I didn’t know one existed. I’ll have to look into that. I saved each line of text as individual layers, and tried to arrange it the best I could. Thanks for the tip.

(Jack Daugherty) #8

@Kelly_Burns I went back into my V-carve, and did some poking around. I do have that feature after all! I had to draw some curved lines above and below my text that matched the curve of the page. (I couldn’t select the contour lines from the actual model of the book). Also when I used that function it, for some reason, inverts my text. So I had to invert my text first, and the use the envelope function afterwards.

Anyways… I still need to do some editing, but that is a very useful bit of advice. Thanks for the tip.


(Kelly Burns) #9

Looks awesome @Jack_Daugherty Can’t wait to see a finished one

(Mark Leino) #10

That is some really unique work- very impressive. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. How much time do you have into the CAD work on that?

(Jack Daugherty) #11

@Mark_Leino Not as much time as the person responsible for creating the book model, lol. I bought the 3D model of the book. I only added the graphics to it. I still have some hours invested, and some more yet to go. There is a learning curve, when learning about curves!