no control over the speed of the stepper

(dannydefe_SW) #1

After much effort without getting the Clear-path Servo to work I decided to back up and make sure a standard stepper motor would work from the on board driver. Much to my surprise no matter what settings I try I have no control over the speed of the stepper. I’ve loaded the sample Delta configuration with no changes and the stepper moves in whatever direction I command but extremely slowly and as I change the steps per mm there is absolutely no change in speed. The only time I see a change in speed is when I home and then the stepper will turn at a much faster rate but again I still have no control over this either.
Am I missing something simple?

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(Arthur Wolf) #2

There is something wrong either in the way you do configuration, or the way you talk to the board.

How do you try different speeds ? What software are you using ? Can we see your configuration file ?


(dannydefe_SW) #3

I’ve used both Pronterface and Simplify 3D to communicate, same problem. I’m trying to change the speed of the stepper by increasing the steps per mm , no change matter what value I put in. I’m just trying to jog the steppers ,stepper is moving incredibly slow .Configuration is straight from Github no changes (

(Arthur Wolf) #4

Can you try again with the non-delta configuration and see if it changes anything ?

(dannydefe_SW) #5

I just tried configuration that came with the board, and configuration github( non Delta) No movement on the stepper

(Arthur Wolf) #6

So before you had a problem with speed, and now you get no movement at all ?

(dannydefe_SW) #7

yes no movement at all

(Arthur Wolf) #8

Alright, can you give me as much information as possible about your current setup ?

(dannydefe_SW) #9

I sent you youtube link on E-mail
Like I mentioned I had so much trouble with the Clear -path Servos not working I decided to test with the onboard driver with steppermotor. The clear path servos did the same thing ,only moved very slowly and no matter how I changed the settings in the config file nothing made a difference in speed… I was able to get it to function where they could home and even simulate printing. But the steps per mm were off and I could not adjust them . thanks for your patience and help

(Arthur Wolf) #10

Can you try a new SD card ?

(dannydefe_SW) #11

It looks like that might have been the problem. Will let you know more soon

(dannydefe_SW) #12

I checked the Micro SD card, the card seem to be dead for some reason so I used another card and burned the file directly on my computer. That was totally the problem I was encountering which has been very frustrating. The clear path servo motors are working exceptionally well and I will post a video soon.

(loganpowell_SW) #13

Hi @dannydefe, did you ever get a chance to document/video your success with the ClearPath servos?