New totems

I want to make another batch of Native American flutes. My sister complained she couldn’t play the F# note flutes because they were too long for her. So thinking about making some A note flutes. They should be about 6 inches shorter than the F# ones. But since its been around 100 degrees I haven’t stepped outside to do any woodworking so started working on my new totems.

These are what I have made so far. I want to make 5 new totems but haven’t decided what two more I should make. So what should be my next totems be?

Also, finally sat down and learned how to make and use vector displacement maps (VDM) in blender. A tiny bit more work than Zbrush (4 steps to set them up) but really makes it easy to add detail to a 3d model. Used it on the snake totem for the scales.


I would suggest a “brown trout”…

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Modeled a quick brown trout. Not sure how I would glue it onto the block but I would carve it as a two sided carve (halfs). One good thing about insomnia is I get to work through the night.


If you make it like it was jumping it might fit on the totem. :grimacing:

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lol. That position would be a little bit challenging to carve on my cnc at under 3 inches long. The flute will be between 18 and 20 inches long.

Thank you for the suggestion. I really like it. Its going into my totem library.

Made a second version for some future project.


heh “tight lines” then :slight_smile: