New Site to Ox owners

My name is Dale Maxim and am just signing in to the new site. I have had an Ox for about 2 years and was one of the early builders in Jason’s last version of the OX. I’m a hobbyist and use the machine in conjunction with my Muse laser to make stuff I than donate to various charities in their fundraisers. I also do a lot of open segment bowls.

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I’d love to see some pictures of some of your bowls, or anything else you have made. I have an OX that I need to rewire because I changed controllers, and an OpenBuilds Sphinx that I am just finishing up building. I am really looking forward to learning more about CNC routers, now that I have the time.

I’m right in the middle of something ( home repair). As soon as I get done I will try and upload some pictures.

My Ox is still a bunch of parts, I am still working to finish the hosting workshop, soon will be the relief when the party begin. I move my wood project to a larger CNC a Maslow (
So my Ox would become a plasma cutter (my old dream, but that’s was impossible in a London flat).