New Sigma and Sigmax R19 3D printers :)! Originally shared by BCN3D Technologies Today

(BCN3D Technologies) #1

New Sigma and Sigmax R19 3D printers :)!

Originally shared by BCN3D Technologies

Today we welcome our newest generation of 3D printers: the Sigma & Sigmax R19. Equipped with one of the most powerful extrusion systems so far and also with the unique IDEX architecture. Such a great combination turn both printers into two of the most productive and reliable 3D printers ever seen.

(Jon Gritton) #2

It’s not clear from that promo what’s new from the R17 models. The Bondtech extruder? The HEPA filter? Seems to me it would have been better to promote the new features rather than most of the video being about features the R17 has.

(marc kerger) #3

whats the price? basically a lpfg bolt

(Jon Gritton) #4

@marc_kerger probably a lot less than the Bolt, the R17 was almost a third of the price.

(Daid Braam) #5

@marc_kerger comparing anything to the “lpfg bolt” is an insult to the printer you compare it to.
We have a whole bunch of comparison printers at the office, cheap, expensive, all kinds of suppliers.

But nothing amazed us as the lpfg bolt. As there are so many things wrong with that machine… from high pitch noise, to self destructing twice in the 5 times we tried to use it. “Extraction fan” that doesn’t do anything due to bad air flow, the list goes on and on…

BCN3D does a much better job in making a solid machine if I compared the bolt to the previous BCN3D.

(Taylor Landry) #6

@Jon_Gritton Bondtech extruder, hot ends, filament runout sensor, Duplication and Mirror modes (previously only on the Sigmax), new UI on the screen, and new version of Cura.

Enclosure and HEPA filter are optional upgrades that are new as well.

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@marc_kerger Hi Marc, you can find the info here:

(BCN3D Technologies) #8

@Jon_Gritton Hi Jon, the video was intented not just to announce the new features but also the main ones. The new R19 printers has bondtech dual-drive gears, hotends designed and manufactured by the global specialist e3d, a filament runout sensor, Mirror and duplication modes to take profit of the IDEX system (Independent dual extruder) and new GUI and UX. The enclosure is optional ;)!

(BCN3D Technologies) #9

@Daid_Braam Thanks for those words ;)!

(Jon Gritton) #10

@BCN3D_Technologies as a matter of interest, would it ever be possible to have a 1.75mm version?

(BCN3D Technologies) #11

@Jon_Gritton no, it is not possible!