New PSU different pin set HELP

the image is the old to the new psu. Also the psu has one red wire coming from the rear of it which I can hope to assume is the ground wire.
Next to the 5V there’s a potentiometer and a red button(no idea) it didn’t come with instructions.

I cant seem to get any power to the new PSU, I started by hooking up the FG, AC, AC connections. at that point I assumed at least the psu fan would go on… it did not.
I proceeded to connect the other wires to the matching pins on the new psu.(still nothing happening though. I think the part im hung up on is the old board has an L and an L- port. The new psu does not. I hooked the L to L on the new psu and the L- to H on the new psu( is that correct?)

image for reference

Where is the L- port on the old supply I do not see that in the pictures?
L from the old supply should be on L of the new supply.
L- if its the one on the left-hand connector its the ground for the laser cathode and is not connected to the controller.

Let’s start by making a table of the connections that you have made. Show the endpoint of the connection and the source.

Signal name Source destination on LPS