New parametric CAD app Dune 3D

Saw it mentioned on Reddit, and there’s a top-level domain:

which links to the documentation and the Github:

Uses the Solvespace solver, but in 3D, so seems quite promising.

I thought the footnote was quite interesting:

I ended up directly using solvespace’s solver instead of the suggested wrapper code since it didn’t expose all of the features I needed. I also had to patch the solver to make it sufficiently fast for the kinds of equations I was generating by symbolically solving equations where applicable.


Also discussed on Hackernews:

and there’s a new v1.1


I’ve been trying to follow along on the tutorial:

and while it seems to make more sense to me than other 3D CAD tools I’ve tried (the only thing I’ve really been successful w/ is OpenSCAD and similar programmatic tools), there seem to be a bunch of oddities in the UI/object construction which are blocking me from success.


That said, I did manage to get through it, and am starting in on the balance of the documentation. Hopefully I can figure out how to do a push/pull set of improvements in Github.