New member and RCer here.

New member and RCer here. I am currently printing the OpenRC F1 and am looking at the electronics. Does anyone have alternate sources for the Lipo shorty battery? The Hobbyking link provided on Thingiverse is only available from Hong Kong (+$18 shipping). I saw a few options on Amazon, but figured I’d check here before blowing money on a bad battery. Thank you!

I’m planning to do a research of supliers and of course, I’m going to share it. Maybe it’s a good way to start it out :slight_smile:

Actually i bought many batteries within the last 10 years and no matter if i got them from Europe or China or whereever, they have always been more or less the same quality. Certainly with LiPo cells you got to be carefull when handling but beside the price i never figured any differences.