New Arduino shield for DIY CNC

Demon Shield TM for the Arduino uno R3. This is an affordable shield that eliminates extensive wiring when making a Demon Controller TM for DIY CNC. It includes a noise filter for the 3 limit switches and probe. There are easy connect ports on both sides of the shield for SPINDLE DIRECTION (often used with VFD spindles), PWM, LIMIT SWITCHES, ABORT (push button connection), FEED HOLD (push button connection), RESUME (push button connection), COOLANT (M7, M8, M9 commands—relay connections), and PROBE. To be used with 3 or 4 TB6600 stepper motor drivers (or similar) and a 15 amp 24VDC power supply.


I like it but would like it more if it has built in optocouplers :slight_smile: