New acrylic head - Russ Sadler Design

So I have access to 2 lasers, 1 k50 (China Blue) and one Chinese 60W (China Red).

I’ve been following along with Sabar Multimedias Rdworks Learning Lab for an age and wanted to implement the new head system he has created in my own machines.

Ordered brackets from Russ, bought acrylic and made the heads.

Started with install on my k50 and needed to mod head to raise mirror by about 8mm. Luckily I had access to a second laser to be able recut a new head with modification.

Once complete I installed and was delighted with performance. I went to install bracket on China red and discovered the mounting holes where not the same despite the head looking exactly like the other.

Thinking cap on and I fabricated a mounting plate from acrylic as a go between to get the bracket I bought from Russ to be able to mount the new acrylic head.
I hope the pics will help explain and I’m posting to hopefully encourage others to follow.

Again not my design but these heads can be modified to fit other machines then just k50.

You will need an adjustable bed in order to utilize the system. All files are available for free from rdworks learning lab and you don’t have to buy anything from Russ, he’s not making money on it anyway.


I was just over at a friends garage/shop and saw his Russ Sadler designed CloudRay laser cutter and wow that’s a nice machine. Love the inverted belt on the X axis and especially the very lightweight laser head.

I had purchased the laser head/mirror mounting kit from aliexpress and saw this Cloudray machine and then Russ’s video showing how and why he went from the 350g head to the 100g head.

Has anyone made something like the lightweight head for a stock K40?


I did lots of searching and found a guy in the UK which did a very nice upgrade by making mounts at each end to old a new linear rail and replace the stock X axis rail plus a Russ Sadler designed lightweight laser head. Not sure if available to US customers yet.