Neoden TM245P modifications

I am a member of in Longmont Colorado.
We have an Neoden TM245P that has been abandon by a former member.
I have taken over the future of this machine.

As seen here: Neoden TM245P Pick and Place Teardown and Upgrade - Page 1

This machine has two external stepper motor drivers and a control board.

I would like to get OpenPNP to work with this system.
First thing is to get Smoothie firmware running on the current hardware or a smoothie board.

  1. Has anyone worked with this machine ?

  2. Has anyone been able to compile the Smoothie board firmware to run on this controller board ?
    This controller board has an STM32F407ZGT6 and a RA8875L3N TFT LCD Controller.

  3. If not, can the Smoothie firmware be modified to use the external stepper motor drivers ?
    To bypass the onboard drivers.

  4. Has anyone re-compiled the Smoothie firmware for any other STM32 board ?

Thank You for listening to all my questions.
I am looking for a plan to get this PnP machine working again.


Someone started a port of Smoothieware to STM32, but it seems to be deprecated:

I would suggest to try grbl for stm32:


I believe this group uses a STM32 port of Smoothie to run on chinese pick and place (maybe the same one you’re mentionning?) machines: though I might have some elements of that wrong, I don’t follow very closely.


Thanks, looks like I have my work cut out for me. :wink: