Need some help. I'm getting a weird line across the entire print.

(3dprintingprops) #1

Need some help. I’m getting a weird line across the entire print. This has happened roughly in the same z height on 4 prints of the same model. Original gcode i have used several times with no issues. I have changed the orientation with a new gcode and still same issue around the same height. I have a makerfarm i3v. Not sure what is going on since I have successful printed this model many times.

Thanks for any help.

(Ramon Daniel) #2

Hello, I’m still pretty new to 3D printing and have this same issue. Check out Let me know if this is any help.

(3dprintingprops) #3

I think I found the issue with mine.

2 nuts on back of hobbed bolt. The one that sticks out is spinning slightly as it retracts and extrudes. It’s not a lot but when it gets to the small parts where it will extrude small amounts will cause an issue I would think. Also since its not laying enough plastic down would also cause the shift in z.

(Mark Fuller) #4

Threadlock compound is your friend.
I was also going to suggest to look for binding or interference at that height. Debris on z-thread or on vertical guides. Or wire harness catching at that height.

(Gabriel Medina) #5

If you haven’t solved your issue yet, try another model at the same height. I’ve had prints fail like this if there were holes in the original design and as the slicer is supposed to it filled in those holes causing huge gaps in the print

(Gabriel Medina) #6

Btw work on raising and adjusting your retraction. It’s what’s causing all the extra filament strings

(Dylan Pruitt) #7

I would check your z threaded rod for wear, if that is the maximum height that you have printed thus far it might be worn, check for cables binding, check the gcode at that layer, hope you get it figured out

(iDig 3D printing) #8

Generally this type of print error can be put down to some physical misalignment, say for example, the z-axis catching on something as it moves up, or as you say, a nut coming undone, which again causes something to wobble at a particular point in the xyz space or catches on something in that xyz space.

First port of call is to check all the nuts and bolts and for free movement of all axes.