Need help to make a camping chair

(Apologies if my post doesn’t fit. I guessed someone here might be able to point me in the right direction.)

I’m trying to find a place to make a camping chair with a side swinging table.
I need to make a few adjustments.

See the image below:

The table needs to be able to go up and down and swing to the front.
This is done by having a pipe fit inside another pipe + a lock mechanism.

Then I need to be able to twist the table to sit at an angle or sit flat.
The uses a simple mechanism.

Where can I get the parts to make this chair?
The parts, are used in zillions of different items - not rocket science and not needing to make something new.
Where can I get manufactured?

Any ideas?

(I can find PLENTY of chairs with tables on the side - no good - need to have a table that swings to the front + can raise up and down + can twist the table to be at different angles)