Need help on weird lathe cnc machine


Im designing a machine and building it at the same time.
Its purpose is for wood button, turn and drill and auto feed material.
Rotate the auto feed material with nema 17, since i need it to do full rotation, for lathe operation, stop drill the buton and rotate 180°to make the other drill.
Im uploading the stl files to grblguru and calling the linear axis x,y,z. At this moment im only trying to make the axis move.
The configuration makes all the axis to move on the same linear axis.
In the grblguru last version i keep geting a error message.
But if i run the older version it recognize the axis and give the axis stl the respectiv color.
I have mega arduino and ramps 1.6 ive and uploaded the grblmega 5x.
Cant upload the stl files to show you or the igs.
Best regards
All help will be great

The error message is on the new grblguru version not on the old …

That is an interesting machine. :slight_smile:

Can you please send me the igs- and stl-file to
Then I can try to find the cause of the problem.

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