Need betatester for 2 machines at the same time?


I have 2 K40 working connected at the same computer.

The very first time I try Meerk40t with both machines, it worked great. Made a lot of burns.

Then, one of the copies crashed and I have been unable to make it work again: restart computer, power on both K40s before and after…

Once I got it working opening 2 Meerk, closing one, open Whisperer, initialize with whisperer, closing it and open Meerk. No more it works.

When I launch Meerk, it opens 2 instances of the program, and if I load something in one, the other too, but one of the copies is disconnected.

Perhaps I am doing some thing wrong, but if you need me for more testing, or you help me makeing it working, I am here.

BTW, I am using 0.6.22, should I try beta ones?

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Yes. You should try the beta ones. In fact one of the admins of MeerK40t has two machines. He is however running these now as raspberry pi zero boards running the lhyserver. And is not controlling them over TCP. But, the latest beta have much improved two machine control. The places to run the job, let you select the machine the job should be sent to. And the devices can be easily switched and monitored.

Also, you can more easily run profiles if needed and start two different copies of Meerk40t with non-overlapping save settings -P <number> which is a great fallback method. I’m thinking the TCP->rPI method might be one of the best. But, just running two connected devices registered in the device manager is pretty effective after the devices upgrade.


thx, it orked at first try