My work area's as it seems to be going around.

(Michael Scholtz) #1

My work area’s as it seems to be going around. My big printer in my office it’s able to print 300x420 x 540high and the little one in my lounge so I can fiddle and spend time with the family

(Daniel Carollo) #2

Impressive printer!

Do you find it useable in such sizes?
What material do you use?

I’m currently reviving my original Huxley so I can print parts for a printer to print bigger parts. I’m at a very early stage, gathering ideas.
Biggish size would be nice (yours really looks interesting), and I’d want to be able to print with at least two materials (two heads minimum).
I like Delta printers…

(Jeff DeMaagd) #3

What’s that, a 1 meter chassis for a 0.3m heated build area?

(Zak Cat) #4

I like the printer plans plz:)

(Simon Villalobos) #5

Michael, can you please post the plans of the smaller printer?