My Vigotec BX20 L-7 has begun to stop just before half way through a job

Just a few days ago. Can think of nothing that has changed. I thought maybe the pc was turning off the usp port to save power so I corrected that but testing tonight I found that did not help.
It’ll do an outline alright but when asked to do a fill in, that’s when it balks. Might I have the laser to close to the work surface?
It’s a diode 20 w

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “balks”?
Stops moving, laser stops imaging .

I don’t see how having the laser close to the surface will impact its ability to move or image.

Sure. Laser turns off. Program quits running. Have to shut down the software to get it running again.

Sounds like you are getting a reset but unfortunately I know very little about that controllers function.
I would first check all wiring especially the grounds.

Excellent reminder Don. Will try that today.

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Static electricity can build up and cause a disconnect. The Ortur LM2 series diode lasers have been plagued by this recently. I would ground all the metal parts of the machine and see if that helps.