My take on the . The next runaway   success story...

My take on the #3Doodler . The next runaway #Kickstarter success story…

Originally shared by Alasdair Allan

"…the #3Doodler rejects quite a lot of what most people would consider necessary for it to be called a 3D printer. There is no three axis control, there is in fact no software, you can’t download a design and print an object, it strips 3D printing back to basics.

What there is, what it allows you to do, is make things. This is the history of printing going in reverse, it’s as if Gutenberg’s press was invented first, and then somebody came along afterwards and invented the fountain pen."

I’d say calling it a 3D printer is a bit of a misnomer. It is to 3D printing as a pen is to a printer. It lets you draw in 3D, but that’s it. So… 3D pen? Maybe?

hot glue gun … also friend of mine tested a prototype and told me you WILL burn yourself. Plus:

@Nils_Hitze , this was my first thought – that’s gotta be a pretty hot tip on that pen that looks pretty inviting to a five year old.

Not to mention it’s an old concept.