My son and I are just starting the project as well.

(Matthew LeMasters) #1

My son and I are just starting the project as well. We are doing the Truggy and are really excited. I have gone through a good portion of the projects and sourced the screws, rods and bearings. We started to print the front end and gears and it looks like maybe there are some issues. The Diff Planet gear for the front diff assembly says it needs a 3mm rod. I Measured the whole and it is 2.18mm. Is this a scale problem, I would hate to print everything and then find I didn’t have it set up properly. We are printing with Taulman 3D Allow 910 Nylon for the gears. Thanks everyone.

(Klaus Daume) #2

In my case I placed 2.5mm rods. However offset dimensions may occur due to shrinking (especially with nylon) and flow settings. You may drill the holes and double check the outer dimension of the gears printed and with cura (or alike)

(Hellsong89) #3

Holes are non issue if smaller than designed. My personal view is that i never even expect perfect results, but something can be fine tuned, not made from plastic block i use to. Something like hole size being wrong is smallest of issues. Just print with 2-3 shell layers and then use drill to get it into final dimension. I would suggest that even if you get perfect results still use reamer to clean the hole and make it smooth. Technically this removes some tress spots.