My son and his friend requested a Minecraft Wither [1],

My son and his friend requested a Minecraft Wither [1], with the ability to move all three heads. I wanted it a nice size - not too big, not too small. However with printed pins, it limits the minimum size of a model as I’ve found small printed pins tend to wear over the long term. In the end, I decided to try using LEGO Technic pins [2], which my son has a LOT of sitting in his LEGO assembly cabinet. If you need a bunch, you can find them on Amazon or Ebay for $10 for ~300 pins.

All in all, this assembly method turned out VERY well. I’ve printed two of these Withers on my i3 and they fit together nicely. The pins snap in solidly and they hold the parts just about as well as in normal LEGO bricks.

Download and print:

Let me know how well it fits! :slight_smile:



I’m toying with making other Minecraft characters using this assembly method. Obviously Steve and the Creeper are on my radar for this project. Any other characters you’d really like to see in this format?

Did you use Mineways to make this?

Nope, I modeled it from diagrams online using Autodesk Inventor.

Cool, please share the files

I did; the link is in my initial post. :slight_smile:

Looks great Shane. Nice work! :slight_smile:

dangit - didnt see that on my cellphone - thx