My OX stops cutting and this comes up?

My OX stops cutting and this comes up?

Hit refresh. We just turned the error checking back off. It was too aggressive.

ok thx

Working again!! aggressive errors = bad!

Thank you so much for your fast response, I really appreciate all you do for us newbs.

John, Is there a way to be on a “stable” branch (i.e. one that won’t change the next day, hour, minute). Just curious. Or at least some notification that a new “build” is being used and what has changed since the last build.

We will be more careful about how disruptive any updates are. We actually do test a lot before rolling out to everyone, but this one was a bad call on my part to rollout. I actually think people getting the new codebase so easily and so quickly is why the web platform ChiliPeppr is built on is so powerful so I’d hate to lose that power.

John at the same time some of us use this to complete projects and having “unpredictable” behavior can be problematic. Case in point if this was a project I’ve cut 10 times before and I have a expensive piece of exotic lumber in my machine I’d expect the 11th time to work the same as the prior 10 times.

Coming from the chip design industry we like things to be deterministic…or least let us know that a change was made so we know to maybe test on “air” first instead of loading up the exotic lumber. Maybe a cookie with the prior version used…check versus current code base and flag if there is a change and display a message as to what changed.

I just know I’d be upset at the possibility loosing an expensive piece of material because something changed without my knowing. I love chillipeppr and it’s features but it would certainly be better to have deterministic behavior without having to guess if something changed.

I agree with you. I want ChiliPeppr to be the de facto CNC app and thus I do realize folks need stability. I’ll think about creative ways to let folks use the older version if a publish occurs so we can all have our cake and eat it too.