My nozzle felt out of the heater block. I cannot even... I don't have....

My nozzle felt out of the heater block. I cannot even… I don’t have… What the…?

It’s one sticky mess right now and i just replaced the fuckup clog of the LayWood. So much for 3dPrinting as the third industrial revolution.

Let’s be honest folks, no sane person wants to deal with that kind of shit.

Clogged nozzle, loose belts, grinded filament feeder, lost steps, backslash, wrong esteps, etc etc blah blah.

John Normal will not even assemble the printer if it’s not Ikea-easy.

The printer doesn’t even stops when something bad happens.

That’s stupid. Damn my dishwasher is more intelligent than that.

So no more new, nicey looking, cheaper printers please. I want Bosh Quality Printers. I am willing to pay for it. Because that would mean more time for printing and less for calibration & hacking shit.

Rant end

What printer?


“It’s one sticky mess right now” - Nilz Hitze, October 2013

I need a shirt with that

That’s what keeps Stratasys in business for the time being… We put up with it because the cost of present day “no touch” machines are beyond our means!

@Nils_Hitze we’ve all reached that point my friend. Walk away, walk away. Too many printers have lost their lives to a swift drop kick, think of the printers.

I’ve had the same experience with going from maker gear to jhead. The jhead is such a great design!

jhead has nothing on e3d nozzle…