My new light dancer video is out today!  Check it out.

(Erin St. Blaine) #1

My new light dancer video is out today! Check it out. :slight_smile:

(allanGEE) #2


How are you waterproofing your LEDs on the mermaid costumes?

(Michael Whitley) #3

Very cool! I was showing my daughters your videos last night and now the youngest wants a mermaid costume! :slight_smile:

(Erin St. Blaine) #4

@allanGEE I’m starting with a strand of WS2801 LEDs that are rated ip68 (submersible to 100 meters), and then epoxying the heck out of them where the wires connect, because they were made in China and aren’t actually that waterproof. :confused: All wire connections are liberally coated in silicone glue/sealant, and the electronics live in an otter box (also ip68). I’ve also got neopixels that I cast in resin so they’re totally enclosed for the top part of the tail. It’s actually a nightmare to keep this thing running, but it makes me SO happy that I keep on fixing it when it breaks.

(Erin St. Blaine) #5

@Michael_Whitley so awesome! We need more mermaids.