My interactive handrail. debugging phase!

(Benjamin Davoult) #1

My interactive handrail.
debugging phase!

(Nathanaël Lécaudé) #2

Nice, how is the detection done ?

(Mark Kriegsman) #3

Very cool-- and yeah, what is the sensor setup?

(Benjamin Davoult) #4

@Mark_Kriegsman @Nathanael_Lecaude I made an array of 16 phototransistor with 2 IR LED for each. All the 16 analog signals are then multiplexed with a 4067 mux.

(Marc Miller) #5

That’s quite wonderfully responsive. Super!

(turgan s) #6

This is neat! I was thinking this could be done with a single Sharp infrared distance sensor. Would there be a reason why it couldnt be?

(Benjamin Davoult) #7

@turgan_s I tried! I bought EVERY proximity sensors you can imagine to make it! even the very stable and quite expensive maxbotix was not good for distances greater than 2.5m with humans… I also tried with 2 sharp sensors (one long and one short range together), but the detection was too poor, not very stable even with hard (capacitor) and soft (running median) filter.
so I decided to change the detection method, and an array of photo sensors was the natural solution.

(Benjamin Davoult) #8

btw my strip is APA102. my first experience with addressable led.

(Tom Morrow) #9

Lots of work, well done. I also found disappointment trying to use maxbotix sensors for humans except at close distances. They seemed to get tricked by other flat objects.