My first real PCB went... Okay lol

Here’s a build log for my first time making a real PCB. For context, I’m making a heating massager to treat my TMJ Disorder. And there’s really nothing out there like it. I’ve learned a lot, and btw the current sensing method for temperature estimation didn’t work lol. But I added ESD protection and a thermistor in my new version, that’ll be getting delivered soon.

Interesting project. It always takes me a least three tries to get a new idea to play nice.

For real. My 3rd PCB was functional. Just ordered my 4th that should hopefully be perfect (ish)

You are brave… launching a medical device is brutal … and expensive!

Check out the video I made about my FDA regulatory pathway. It’s definitely going to be hard, but there are a lot of nuances that play in my favour here. It’s not going to be nearly as expensive as you might expect.