My first print on my Rostock Max.

(David Da Costa) #1

My first print on my Rostock Max. Still need to tidy up cables to hot end.

(Geoff Drake) #2

Nice looking print and machine. Well done.

(Hal Gottfried (Hal9000)) #3

What’s the print? Is this a design of yours? I assume it’s ABS?

(zahid gunja) #4

what is this sir?

(David Da Costa) #5

Not my design, It’s a twisted gear vase from here

(David Da Costa) #6

And yes it’s ABS

(Ben Malouf) #7

Honored you chose my design for your first print. Looks great! Helping a friend assemble his Rostock Max right now. Hope we get that kind of quality out of the gate!

(David Da Costa) #8

Thanks Ben, great Vase.

I think spending the time and having the patience to get the arms and swivels fitting just perfectly is time well spent. The other thing I have learnt is that not running the machine to fast to start with avoids a lot of issues.