My DIY Filastruder... My metal body assembly came from milling...

(Dinçer Hepgüler) #1

My DIY Filastruder…
My metal body assembly came from milling… Seems that my friend did a good job on this part, with adjustable back cover holding 2 roller bearings and replaceable driver screw. 2 different screw bits with 2 sizes, mounting holes in front for the heater elements and replaceable front end. I am planning to mount this unit to my wood lathe which I made some time ago. I will replace the idler part of the lathe to drive the filastruder. The batteries of this low rpm screwdriver was dead long ago and I recycled it as a high torque wood lathe driver working with a 6v 2amp power source… So my good old wood lathe will be a multi-functional tool from now on…
Details on my website:

(Matt Kraemer) #2

Great work. Excellent use of hex bar.

(Tim Elmore) #3

I would be very impressed if that motor had the torque needed in this application, but best of luck!

(Dinçer Hepgüler) #4

@Tim_Elmore At last I found some time to finish up and test my homemade filastruder… Good results with recycled plastic at PID values: 200 degrees at ±10 degrees… usable 1,70mm filament with 1mm nozzle… old screwdriver did a good job too… YouTube link of my first test: