My delta (AKA UglyBot) is slowly starting to form.

(Shachar Weis) #1

My delta (AKA UglyBot) is slowly starting to form. So many silly mistakes made! Good times.

Whats in the picture :

3 x 100cm V-slots from OpenBuilds
One experimental carriage with printed wheels (as a placeholder until the back-ordered wheels from OpenBuilds arrive)
3 x 46cm weird 30x20mm t-slots that I salvaged from junk.
One experimental effector plate with 3 balls glued to bolts and an E3D.

What is still missing:
Rods + Magnets
Motors + Belts
Glass plate
Magic Fairy dust

(Stefan Langemark) #2

Looks like a good start. My delta also uses OpenBuilds v-slot and E3D hotend and prints like a dream. And I haven’t really started tuning things yet :slight_smile:

(Shachar Weis) #3

Good to know ! Can you give some info/pictures about the carriages you are using?

(Stefan Langemark) #4

Sure! Basically I duplicated the mini-v plate in plastic and use the excenter spacers from OpenBuilds to adjust tension. The excenters are not ideal for plastic but anyway it works. Well, the bearings are not great but OpenBuilds are sending me a new set without any fuss. I posted a picture of one axis here a while back and would love to link to it but it seems I am not familiar enough with google+ to find it again…

(Stefan Langemark) #5

Here it is:

(Wolfmanjm) #6

and yet another vslot/makerslide delta :wink: I’m getting amazing fast prints from it too.

(Shachar Weis) #7

Jim, I never figured out how exactly your carriages work. Do they slide inside the extrusion? Could you post some pics/videos? Thanks !

(Wolfmanjm) #8

This is a video of my GT2 driven tower, using the printed carriage and openbuilds vwheels. It is running on makerslide here, but the same principal runs on 2040 VSlot too, I’ll video a leadscrew actuator I did for vslot.
Notice the screws in the side, these are used to tension the wheels, you get the tension just right then tighten down the bolts that go through the wheels. My current Wolfstock uses Makerslide and the aluminum makerslide carriages and vwheels. The printed GT2 version is to reduce cost.