My current bed setup is pei on a sheet of glass,

My current bed setup is pei on a sheet of glass, over a very bent aluminum plate.

I will be remixing Walters bed design with a pei spring steel sheet and magnets.

The idea is to get something like the MK3, with auto leveling and perfect attachment.

Any thoughts?

Also all my belts squeak now as they rub on the pulley side walls. Is this due to cheap robotdigg belts?

Machined High Temp Magnets into an aluminum heat spreader, and two alignment pins at the back.

For the belts, are you sure the pulleys are in line with the belt path. Do you have the proper shims between the side pulleys and the side bearings.

@Eclsnowman they do have the shims, it could be my pla parts slowly melting :confused: I plan to rebuild it soon with petg parts

Any progress on this? I am trying to figure out weirdness to me bed leveling.

@Dennis_P You can get big beds off alibaba I dont have any time to work on this and honestly, everything has been working fine so far.