My challenge to the 3D printing community:

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My challenge to the 3D printing community: Print a better version of the Mars Curiosity Rover on your 3D printer

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Did the 3D print of the Mars Curiosity Rover from the post from @MAKE1 last week. The design STL files are from @NASA1 (they actually have many satellites and other spacecraft available as STL’s). The print was challenging and required a decent amount of cleanup, but the results we pretty fantastic on my UP Plus 2.

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(james wolf) #2

@Eric_LeFort you mean the plate with the holes? It works well to keep the plastic stuck down to the plate. It means that I usually dont have to worry about the curling destroying the print. I would say that it works well.

(james wolf) #3

The UP Plus 2 uses a lot of support materials (see the image on my blog) but I get very solid results from it.


how much cost a basic 3D printer? is it in the market for sale?

(Neil Darlow) #5

I’ve taken a look at the STLs for the larger model and I can see they require individual attention with respect to orientation on the build plate, infill and layer height.

They look like they should print without support. The larger pieces have circular pads to prevent lifting and the overhang angles look OK.

Out of curiosity I tried printing a “tire” (tyre to us in the UK) in PLA and the only thing I had to do was flip the object 180 degrees in Z because of 90 degree internal overhangs which wouldn’t print well.

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@HASSAN_ZIA you can get a nice Printrbot Simple Metal for just $599. It is one of the best printers in the low cost printer category.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #7

I thought the detailed model was pretty easy. The model is clearly designed to not need any supports. I got a bit lazy and just built the plates as is, re-ran the one with the linkages in a second color because some parts should be white, some should be gray.

(Ruald Andreae) #8

Mine came out ok/ish, but that was before I removed the HORRENDOUS Da Vinci firmware and replaced with Repetier. Will try again someday.

(james wolf) #9

anybody take any pics of their prints other than me? I would love to see!

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I took a photo of mine, but G+ doesn’t appear to allow posting photos in replies. I’ll post a separate thread.

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@Jeff_DeMaagd if you are looking at the photo in your g+ stream just right click and copy the image url, it will allow you to post that in

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for example:

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That does the job I guess. I’m more used to services that let you post a photo in a reply. Anyway:

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Google Photos

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