My 60 watt OMtech laser I purchased 4 years ago is now $1000.00 more!

I like to check now and then and see how much my laser has depreciated but it has actually appreciated since I purchased it. I will say that it now comes with a rotary attachment and a CW3000 water cooler but I paid only $300.00 total for both which still brings the total to $700.00 more than I originally paid. I am glad I did purchase it when I did.


Yeah that’s why I went ahead and bought my bigger laser with a small discount. They definitely aren’t getting cheaper.

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What does?


The larger CO2 laser machines. Especially here in the USA. Inflation, higher fuel prices and supply chain disruptions mean higher import costs.

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It’s the shipping cost that has doubled. Lack of shipping containers and ships… plus the shortage of electronics/chips. This will ease within 1 or 2 years. My car’s second hand price is now more than i paid for brand new in Australia.