My 3d prints

I did not know how much fun a 3d printer can be making useless trinkets. It helps I have a 3d modeling background and a library of 3d models at my finger tips. Going back and fixing some of them to print.

I’ve had my printer for a week and a half and its been going non-stop. On my second roll of PLA filament. Lately I’ve mostly been modeling for my wiife’s Twitter channel where I’ve made a bunch of animated shorts for her and now she wants the models printed so she can paint them.

I am getting some of my prints in the queue. Looks nothing like me but it’s my inside me.


Finally, finished designing my custom chess set. Printing has started but it will take a while. Pawns will be 5 inches tall, rook, knight, bishop will be 6 inches tall, and king, queen will be 7 inches tall. Very eclectic in design on purpose. Considering making a chess table to highlight the pieces.

As a youth, I was ranked in the Texas chess federation. I was 999 out of 1000. I was not the worst. lol. True story.


Well, you will be the “best” in designing chess pieces!


I think your set is a check mate! :chess_pawn:


Finished printing the pawns at 10 hours per copy (16 of 'em). Now starting the main pieces. The rooks are done at 12 hour prints per copy (4). The queen took 17 hours to print. A few issues with her but will address the on the second print and maybe a 3rd print to fix the first version. Still looking at around a little under 400 hours to print the set. The exotic hardwood I ordered should be here this week so will start designing the chess board for it this week.




And 3d printing is done. Way more effort than I thought to complete this project but a good learning experience. Board is next and then it will be finished finished.


Very nice indeed!