Mr. Carve S4 fiber laser new addition

Always wary of the promises, but the S4 worked as promised. I purchased the 20 watt model that included both rotary attachments for $1350.00 after a holiday discount. The turntable rotary is missing and I have an email awaiting a response. Fit and finish is not the best. The base is a bit crowded causing a little warping of the work area. I’m going to make a spacer to lift it up so it’s not hitting the rotary stepper driver.

150 x 150 mm engrave area

Lightburn compatible.

It will work for what I want so I’m not too disappointed. I also didn’t spend a lot of money so you get what you pay for!


Cool, can’t wait to see what you do with it. :smiley:

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It showed up at my door today. It’s interesting because there was nothing in the shipping information that said there would be two different shipments.


First use of LightBurn was a charm on my fiber laser. I installed the galvo upgrade on my laptop. Now was time to use it on my main laser computer. After the update I hit frame and nothing! Swapped ports, cables and still no framing. Back to the laptop and still no response from the laser. Why did it work before and now? Let’s see if the galvos are moving. What? The lens protector is on! Amazing how much better it works without the lens cover!

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A friend is active with the local scouts. He gave out some knives to celebrate making Eagle Scout. I engraved their names on them.