Module upgrade

I’m new to laser use I’ve purchased a Vigotech L3 I’m looking to change the laser module to a 40w can anyone tell which module will go with the pcb that I have with the machine
Hope some one can help and not blind me with technical jargon

Most of these laser modules are interchangeable, at least for power and control signal… even if the pinout on the module it different.

They are commonly three wire, V+, ground and pwm.

If your current laser isn’t as powerful, you may have to run a separate V+ to the laser module for the added current drawn by the new module.

Was this too complicated?


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Where would I get the extra V power from as I am beter at platting water than electrics

How do you plate water?

You’d have to use an external power supply…

The current draw of a larger laser module may exceed what you can pass through your control board. It’s also possible that the module runs on a higher voltage…