Mobile 12VDC power Unit

This simple project was motivated by having to jurry rig a 12VDC connection to my RV stepmotor so I can manually retract them. The controller on the steps fails at least once a year.
Then it got a bad case of “feature creep”.

Mobile Power Unit


Any idea what causes the “failure”?

The step controller fails and its potted electronics so there is no access.

I absolutely hate those potted stuff. It always feels like they are trying to hide shoddy work behind a " oh you cant copy us" resin blob.

You ever consider replacing it with another controller, maybe custom designed? Or would that not be worth the cost/effort involved

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I am guessing that the potting is because it installs under the chassis in a harsh environment.
The step automatically extends and retracts with the door opening I think that is overkill so I keep it on manual. The system has no limit switches so it must use motor current to deted extension and retraction.

It has a failsafe that closes the step when the vehicle is started so you don’t accidentally leave it extended.

I think there must be a simpler and therefore more reliable controller but I pause and say to myself…

self … you do not need another project

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Yeah :slight_smile: I can agree with that feeling of not needing another project :slight_smile: Usually I tend to practice the “dont fix it if it is not totally broken” rule myself :slight_smile: