MLL v.0.11 in progress

(Tomasz M.) #1

MLL v.0.11 in progress

(Marc Miller) #2

Looks exciting. Looking forward to seeing more.

(Andrew Tuline) #3

TSOP38238 receiver?

(Tomasz M.) #4

TSOP38238 it’s ok, I use this one - $0,54

(Andrew Tuline) #5

Am also interested in the IR library you’re using as I haven’t had much luck in the past with either Nico Hood’s or Ken Shiriff’s IR libraries when used with FastLED and 3 pin WS2812’s. Had much better luck with 4 pin WS2801’s and APA102’s.

(Daniel Garcia) #6

As I’ve said many many times - if you’re using AVR and WS2812’s you’re out of luck on IR because IR requires regularly timed interrupts to do the IR decoding and WS2812 timing is tight enough that there’s really no good options for allowing interrupts there.

Interrupts are allowed on the higher speed arm platforms (due and teensy 3.x at the moment) or, as you’ve already discovered, using an led chipset that doesn’t require exact timing and disabling of interrupts gets you better results.

(Also, my guess is that the 270µs frame write time of his leds up there might actually allow the IR interrupts to fire often enough to allow reading of IR codes - that would be another way around the interrupt limitations - use fewer leds)