MKS SMini - not boot


Yes, I know, this board is not accepted at all in this forum, but I have this as replacement for lost order, and before I not have any info about this.

Usually I use 8bit boards and all working ok

Unfortunatelly, this board not boot, or boot and not connect to PC. I not sure:

  1. I put firmware bin and config txt to root of SD and after power up this is changed for firmware.cur
  2. LCD 12864 show nothing. But press reset done reset.

Lcd is ok - tested on ramps, and for conect to MKS is turned wires for 180 deg.

Where is my error for this config?

  1. Serial communications configuration ( baud rate default to 9600 if undefined )

uart0.baud_rate 115200 # Baud rate for the default hardware serial port
second_usb_serial_enable true # This enables a second usb serial port (to have both pronterface


  1. Example for reprap discount GLCD
  2. on glcd EXP1 is to left and EXP2 is to right, pin 1 is bottom left, pin 2 is top left etc.
  3. +5v is EXP1 pin 10, Gnd is EXP1 pin 9

panel.lcd reprap_discount_glcd #
panel.spi_channel 0 # spi channel to use ; GLCD EXP1 Pins 3,5 (MOSI, SCLK)
panel.spi_cs_pin 0.16 # spi chip select ; GLCD EXP1 Pin 4
panel.encoder_a_pin 3.25!^ # encoder pin ; GLCD EXP2 Pin 3
panel.encoder_b_pin 3.26!^ # encoder pin ; GLCD EXP2 Pin 5
panel.click_button_pin 1.30!^ # click button ; GLCD EXP1 Pin 2
panel.buzz_pin 1.31 # pin for buzzer ; GLCD EXP1 Pin 1
panel.back_button_pin 2.11!^ # back button ; GLCD EXP2 Pin 8
panel.external_sd true # set to true if there is an extrernal sdcard on the panel
panel.external_sd.spi_channel 1 # set spi channel the sdcard is on
panel.external_sd.spi_cs_pin 0.28 # set spi chip select for the sdcard (or any spare pin)
panel.external_sd.sdcd_pin 0.27!^ # sd detect signal (set to nc if no sdcard detect) (or any spare pin)

Regards Marcin

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I always dislike having to do this but : please understand that MKS is toxic to the project, and we can not be expected to help MKS destroy the project hundreds of volunteers have worked so hard for years on.
We only request that you ask MKS for help first, we do not refuse to help you, we will help you if MKS can not help you, but you must ask MKS for help first before asking the Smoothie community for help.

I hope you understand, this isn’t about you, it is about fighting MKS and their disrespect for the community.


Yes, I ask seller for help.
Have this same reply as on mks github - put two files to card and is ok :wink:
Second option is refund.

I uderstand community point of view, but before I buy this board, I not MKS know status in comunity.



Well in this case, it’s likely the board is actually damaged ( so MKS’s advice is actually right : you need a refund or replacement ). They are known for producing bad quality products …

On thing you can try, is to use another SD card ( format it, add config file ). They are also known for using counterfeit/bad quality SD cards.