Mks sgen L + smoothieware

hi forum, can you tell me if I can load the smoothieware firmware on the mks sgen L 1.0 card? i want to connect to laser k40

what processor does it have?


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and it looks like you found the answer to your question too.

i want to be sure that i can connect to the k40 laser, and if there is a compatible scheme

You found that the controller does run Smoothieware and Smoothieware will control laser engraving machine electronics( 2 stepper motors and 1 PWM signal to drive the laser control ).

What software are you currently using to operate your K40 and why are you looking to install a different controller. If you are well versed in wiring motors and things to Arduinos then swapping in another controller shouldn’t be too difficult. Otherwise it’ll be a bit more effort unless you purchase a drop-in replacement from Cohesion 3D. The C3D option can be more pricey but you get a drop-in replacement hardware and software(Smoothieware) with instructions and direct support forum.

thanks for your questions, I’ll answer you: good or bad i am able to connect a different controller on the k40, i have one with the SKR 1.3 + smoothieware + lightburn and that’s okay, i built one in diy 600 * 250 with tube and LPS k40, the problem that is no longer found in the market the SKR 1.3, arduino uno does not satisfy me, so I found that the mks sgen L can load smoothieware, but I have not found anyone who has tried it on the k40

any 3DP board which will run Smoothieware can be used no matter if anyone here has done it yet or not. the connections are only 2 stepper motors and one PWM output(heatbed or hotend) plus 2 end stops. I have an SBase v1.3 in my K40 running Smoothie and then put in a SKR v1.4 running Remora/LinuxCNC. IMO the main choice is which stepper drivers do you want, TMS2209 are a good starting point.

There are a half dozen people here who can help you through problems you might have connecting the 3DP board to the machine or the config.txt options.

ok thanks, I discovered that there are 2 types of mks sgen L, one with sd card support, and one without, unfortunately the one with sd card is no longer found, I bought a mks sbase 1.3 on amazon, we hope it arrives